inside of me

7:55 AM

in honor of Madonna's 60th birthday, i would like to take this opportunity to talk about my first time knowing her and her music and fashion influence my personal aspects. so, my very first introduction to Madonna and her music was the Frozen music video. i was three or four and the music video popped up on MTV at that time (yes, we used to have MTV here). i was terrified not only of its dark electronic tune but most importantly of its music video. she wore black and she looked pale. i remember my sister would put that music video on whenever i started acting up.

fast-forward to nine/ten years later. Vogue. i can vividly recall the first time hearing the song. it was in The Devil Wears Prada--that several outfit changing moment when Andrea was on her way to work synchronizes perfectly with the song; i was in junior high--if my memory serves me right. up 'til today this song gives me comfort. the lyrics signify acceptance and freedom of however the hell you want to express yourself. go inside, for your inspiration // your dreams will open the door // it makes no difference if you're black or white // if you're a boy or a girl. besides, this song also introduced me to the epitome of old hollywood glamour--Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Gene Kelly, Bette Davis. the tune also makes me want to dress myself up elegantly--i'm thinking of dark grey three-piece suit covered in matching fur coat and sunglasses just like that male model walking down the Giorgio Armani runway, and dance to the rhythm.

when you talk about madonna, you can't not talk about her iconic fashion-moments-slash-self-expressions. she went from being the prototype of the 80s fashion in Desperately Seeking Susan to being Marie Antoinette in the 1990s Video Music Awards to being mistress Dita Parlo in Erotica to not having any layer of fabrics covering her up in her coffee table book to bringing back disco in the 90s to entering the millennium as a country girl to reglamorizing Farrah Fawcett's feathered hair in 2005. the list goes on, indeed. my take on this is that when it comes to expressing yourself, knows no bounds. try different look. experiment with hairstyle. serve new category. bring back the vintage. and i think that's how i want my style to be: ever-evolving, that's the word. cheers!

pardon my dirty shoes

jeans: levi's
socks: banobi
shoes: airwalk

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