all by myself

7:02 AM

i didn't know what had gotten into me, but a couple of days ago i found myself watching 70s movies: grease--the quintessential and thank god it's friday. one of many great aspects i can say about the 70s besides its movies, disco, and donna summer is its fashion--duh! there were too many iconic fashion moments back then: ringer t-shirt, denim shorts (which is literally that short and men wore 'em), corduroy pants, plaid pants, bell bottoms (yes, they're for ladies and gentlemen), the list goes on. yes, darling, i had spent days after days loading tumblr page after tumblr page of so-called 70s aesthetics; well, not to mention the pinterest boards, too.

i feel like (and hopefully) this isn't the only post about 70s style, since i am in the midst of being mesmerized by the 70s. however, for starter i'm not gonna throw on a pair of velvet pants and floral shirt of similar hue (we'll get there eventually). we're starting it from the bottom for this post and the category is: disco virgin. i am giving you someone in his early twenties who starts to know what disco is all about and is intrigued and trying to fit in, but is too afraid to step in because he's from a small town, so to compensate, he puts on a pair of plaid pants and turtleneck. saying a bit of a statement, but isn't screaming disco loud enough.

enough with the fantasy. i decided to put on this ensemble altogether was due to its versatility. it's classroom/college appropriate. you can meet and hang out with your friends wearing the turtleneck and plaid pants combo. wanted to feel a little fancier? wear a wide brim hat, ditch the sandals, and wear moccasins or oxfords instead. you can even put on the infamous suede jacket which basically defined the era. you're welcome.

all by myself by eric carmen (1975)
pictures were taken by: dinda nalurita

turtleneck shirt: uniqlo
pants: jack nicklaus (vintage)
sandals: zoeberlin

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