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Hiiii! So, today I wanna talk to you about statement t-shirt. It always amazes me how a statement t-shirt can elevate the whole look that easy. I, personally, like to think that a statement t-shirt is like "one size fits all" kind of thing. Let me explain. Let's just use this cute white t-shirt with "honey" written across the chest as the example. If you paired it up with ripped jeans, high top converse, and a dark-colored flannel for the finishing touch, then the category is badass babe! If you put on your khaki bermuda shorts and slip in to your boat shoes, a pair of sunglasses, and, oh, don't forget your straw hat, then you're ready to go on a vacay! See what I mean?

For this look, I decided to give a little throwback moment. I took you back to the early/mid 90s, to be exact. So, I paired the t-shirt with formal/dress pants and belt it out. You can actually see a lot of t-shirt X dress pants situations in a lot of 90s shows--hello, Friends & 90210! I also put on another quintessential staple of the 90s: yes, it's a denim jacket. To top it off, a nice pair of white sneakers could neither go wrong nor out of style. Enjoy the look. Cheers, hunny!

lovefool by the cardigans (1996)

pictures were taken by: Mardlatilah Nevihayati

t-shirt: unbranded
pants: unbranded
denim jacket: lee
shoes: airwalk
belt: father's
sunglasses: unbranded

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