make our own way

7:17 AM

I'm back back back back back again, bitches. To be honest, I really hadn't done much for a few of weeks. You know, hanging out with friends, watching either The Nanny or Sex and the City. It's not that I was busy or anything. Oh yeah, I was busy picking whether I should rewatch Mr. Sheffield's family having to spend the vacation in Miss Fine's house due to the blizzard or Carrie meeting Mr. Big during her vacation with the girls.

Talking about vacation, the first time I saw the fabric, it gave me a vacation-y, sitting on a beach club waiting for the sunset kinda vibe to it. It was actually available in various color, like black, navy, white, and pink, but I thought that the flamingos would've caught more attention in black background. Once I bought the fabric, I immediately gave it to my favorite tailor in town who happened to be my neighbor. I told her that I wanted a shirt with revere collar--kind of like pajamas shirt, to make it a little more laid back. It took about 3-4 days to finish and I couldn't be more satisfied with how the shirt turned out to be.

I believe that I had said it here, but I would say it again that the easiest way to wear a printed-shirt is to pair it up with black jeans--minimizing the risk, highlighting the whole print detail. It was like putting a spotlight to the right place. The idea of wearing sunglasses actually came up last minute. I was scrolling down my instagram and I saw these beautiful sunglasses--I believe it was on explore. I hesitated; but, then I realized that if I hadn't bought them at that moment, I probably would've found out that the sunglasses were sold out the following day. So, yeah, I did buy them and so far, the sunglasses weren't sold out yet. Anyway, enjoy the post, honey!

make our own way by little brutes (2015)

pictures were taken by: mardlatilah nevihayati

shirt: tailor-made
jeans: unbranded
shoes: airwalk
sunglasses: karamata

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