new obsession

7:45 AM

frankly speaking, i would have never thought about putting on this kind of style of clothing altogether; and by this, i mean, like, kinda streetwear looking with a drop of sporty vibe to it, i guess. would i say that this wasn't really my style? not really since i attempted to wear the ensemble all at once meaning that i found this style wearable. but here's a little tip, though: if you were trying on a new style, never forget about your own personal elements--okay, it surely sound super cliché, but that's the tea, honey. let's say, if you were fond of vibrant color, you could opt for tangerine hoodie or you could wear gray hoodie then layered it up with yellow trucker jacket. that way, you didn't lose your personal style and become what so-called a fashion victim. 

this sweatshirt was actually a gift from my friend, lila. thanks, boo boo.

new obsession by frankie (2015)
pictures were taken by: mardlatilah nevihayati

sweatshirt: zalora
flannel shirt: vintage
white jeans: unbranded
shoes: cotton on
cap: stigma

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