i've been thinking about you

8:03 AM

have you noticed this vintage t-shirt situation going on lately? i mean pretty much kardashian/jenner wore that then also i found a lot on social media that i couldn't help myself but wanting to have one. it's very 90s, super cute, a total throwback moment. i tried to find the item for myself but then it would be either too pricey or i just didn't like it. then, i remembered this site (www.custom.co.id) which allows me to customize a t-shirt with my personal design. it's very convenient and simple and the most important thing, it's affordable. 

so, yeah, the t-shirt's giving me a massive 90s vibe to it; hence, i decided to simply put on blue jeans--slim fit is fine, skinny is a no-no. i tucked the shirt in because if you were a fan of 90s tv series/movies, like 90210 or friends, you'd notice that there were a lot of tucking in moments. sneakers were the best finishing touch to the whole ensemble and if you attempted to put on socks, yet you didn't want it plain, you could try monochromatic stripes. 


you're almost done with the post, but let me stop you here because i have a little tips to share: when you just had a new t-shirt and you wanted it to feel like you'd worn it a couple of times, you could brine it in the water added with salt. make sure that the shirt was soaked in and add approximately 4-5 tbs of salt and leave it for 3 days. after 3 days, wash it, dry it, iron it, and it's ready to go.

i've been thinking about you by mariah carey (1993)
pictures were taken by: mardlatilah nevihayati

t-shirt: custom.co.id
jeans: levi's
shoes: airwalk
belt: father's
socks: banobi.id

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