away from me

7:30 AM

hey guys, i'm back and i've finally finished college (well, i haven't officially graduated yet). so, i guess by now you've figured out why i didn't post anything for a couple of weeks. anyway, i got my inspiration for this look from here. i liked how he only rolled the jacket, but not the shirt, which kind of made the layering a little more visible. i used the technique and combined my personal style into it. i wore the neckerchief to give a little more color; also, i haven't got the chance to show off this neckerchief to the world, so. 

a little tip for today: when you noticed that your outfit was only built upon two colors (take mine as the example: light blue & white), put on something in different color (again, mine as the example: navy blue). i highly agreed with this rule which i read somewhere a long time ago saying that your whole outfit should consist of three colors, at most. well, since you only had two colors coordinated, why didn't you put on the third one and create a little more drama?

away from me by chinah (2016)
pictures taken by: mardlatilah nevihayati

sweater: uniqlo
jeans: levi's
denim jacket: unbranded
neckerchief: yes_sshop
sunglasses: unbranded
shoes: cotton on

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