sleeps with butterflies

8:08 AM

i had planned out to wear the whole outfit a little while ago, but i just hadn't had the time to actually take pictures. so, that day i decided to take pictures and one of my friends said that i looked like nobita (not my face, my outfit). i was like, "oh really? i didn't quite realize that." but, then, while editing the photos, i looked it up and i was like, "well, i think i was just serving you nobita realness, then." i should've worn blue pants and light blue shoes, then i would nail the look completely.

a little bit about the book: it's entitled "diy fashion shoot book" by we are photogirls. i had my friend purchased this for me because about a couple of months ago (on september or october), she went to a book bazaar in surabaya. i really love it actually since it covers a lot of things like photo shoot ideas, what to do as a fashion stylist, as a fashion photographer, and many other things; not to mention the visualizations which are very artsy and interesting. one thing that i personally think comes very handy is the steps in doing photo shoots: from brainstorming to eventually uploading the photos.

ps. happy new year everybody! is there anything in particular you'd like to accomplish this year? tell me. okay, mine is to graduate on march #fingercrossed

pictures were taken by: defa ayu novanda hernawati

shirt: givenchy (vintage)
pants: unbranded
shoes: cotton on
bag: cotton on
glasses: a gift for my 19th birthday
belt: father's

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