should've never

7:29 AM

i'd actually had the shirt for a while, yet it took me longer to eventually come up with the whole ensemble. the thing is that the shirt itself is a statement--vibrant color and full printed. i needed to find the perfect match without taking the spotlight off of the shirt. it was kinda tricky because if you decided to match the shirt with jeans, it would end up being too plain; however, if you went pattern clashing, you would share the spotlight. i opted for a pair of ripped jeans based on two aspects: they made the look still wearable and the ripped details brought a bit of "drama" to the look.

i notice that wearing a shoelace as a belt is a thing now. i personally think that it was cute because you can easily match your belt with the shirt; plus, shoelaces are way cheaper than a leather belt. anyway, what do you think? are you into or against this trend?

pictures were taken by: Mardlatilah Nevihayati

shirt: vintage
ripped jeans: unbranded // diy project
belt: unbranded
sandals: zoe berlin

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