stranger in a room

8:51 AM

sorry for not posting anything for 2 weeks in a row--well, don't blame me; blame my thesis, instead. anyway, i've been wanting to try to dress like this; and by this, i mean like casual/sporty, but it didn't make you look like you had just got out of the gym. in other words, i attempted to create an ensemble which was hangout-friendly.  so, i figure that the main key is none other than a cap. it's like a whipped cream on top of your starbucks. 

one of the easiest combo to create such look is to grab a statement t-shirt (avoid wearing plain t-shirt because it doesn't do much to elevate the look) then match it up with side stripe pants (opt for black or white if you wanna play it safe; or literally any vibrant color you desire if you wanna put it to the next level); eventually, finish the whole look by wearing a nice pair of sneakers.

pictures were taken by: Linda Amalia Putri

t-shirt: tommy hilfiger
pants: unbranded//diy project
shoes: cotton on

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