love doesn't have to hurt

8:21 AM

there's always something classic about denim on denim. it's very 90s if you decide to wear matching (or slightly matching) top and bottom. it's very cowboy-ish if you decide to wear some accessories, like hat or boots. also, it's very guess campaign if you decide to wear form-fitting denim shirt, ripped jeans, then you top it off with another form-fitting denim jacket. it's all up to you, but i was more inclined to the 90s.

at first i didn't opt for wearing t-shirt underneath the denim shirt, but i guess layering would never hurt anyone; thus i put on the t-shirt. the color is up to you, actually; but, i chose the gray one because i felt like i wore gray lesser than black and white. that's why i wanted to experiment--well, that's what fashion is all about, isn't it? and it turned out well and i liked it. oh yeah, another small detail if you decide for the 90s look is that you have to tuck your shirt in and wrap it up with leather belt.  enjoy!

pictures were taken by: Mardlatilah Nevihayati (she's currently deactivated)

t-shirt: unbranded
denim shirt: beverly hill polo club//diy project
jeans: unbranded
shoes: converse
belt: father's
glasses: swagershop

quick tips alert: the safest zone if you want to wear denim on denim without looking 90s is to make sure that your denim shirt is on the lighter shade of blue than your jeans. avoid wearing denim accessories unless you want to look costume-y. instead, try on parka in light brown/cream or shoes in pink or mint, that'll surely top the whole ensemble off in a flattering manner.

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