manic monday

8:03 AM

i woke up that day being in the mood to dress up a bit old-fashioned; i guess my addiction to listen to "now that's what i call the 80s hits" started to kick in. anyway, i decided to dive in my closet and look for that parka jacket--used to be my father's, which i considered to have a bit old-fashioned vibe to it. i don't know about you, but dressing up back in time was easier by opting for earth tones/monochrome because that way you can easily combine one item with the others. i'm not saying i'm not a fan of tangerine or cherry red--i am, i truly adore every color. i was just saying that earth tone palette/monochrome minimized the risqué of looking costume-y or overdressed.

on the other hand--you might want to take notes for this one, one colored or pastel colored item can be an option for the finishing touch; a neckerchief of a nice subtle yellow or a pair of socks in the shade of baby blue is one of many possibilities you can choose.

pictures were taken by: Mardlatilah Nevihayati

t-shirt: unbranded
pants: unbranded
parka: father's
belt: father's
neckerchief: yes_sshop
shoes: yongki komaladi

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