7:45 AM

have you ever had that feeling when you didn't have any idea about a thing but then it turned out to be so good? it's as if being up on a blind date and turning out to be meeting the right person--never happened. so, anyway, my friend told me a good spot to take pictures, but i was like, "never heard of that, but i guess we can try." so, i did and it turned out to be very good--well, that's my personal opinion. it reminded me of the beauty of spring. the whole place really accentuated the outfit ensemble. what do you guys think?

i had been wanting to get me a nice turtleneck shirt in black, but it was difficult to find one for men or at least the unisex one. but, when i went to surabaya a few months back, there was an opening of uniqlo in one of the malls. i decided to visit without having the thought of buying anything--total lie, major bullshit. long story short, i bought the turtleneck and another shirt in green army. and do you know that feeling when you're about to buy a new clothes and you're just like, "should i buy it or not? do i have something in my closet that actually matches to this?" that kind of thoughts haunted me and put me under the shadow of a doubt for at least 15 minutes, but then i was like, "fuck it. i'll buy these." and it's worth every penny.

for the jeans, they were actually the ones i wore here. the color was actually kinda of washed out gray, but i decided to bleach it out--i know i've been bleaching a lot of my clothing items lately. the gray color eventually turned into white. since i couldn't get enough, i cut off the edge to turn them into cropped jeans. plus, i cut on the knee part just for details, but i guess they didn't turn out to be such a disappointment.

pictures were taken by: Mardlatilah Nevihayati

turtleneck shirt: uniqlo
ripped jeans: unbranded//diy project
shoes: cotton on
glasses: swagershop

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