9:00 AM

i came across a picture on pinterest a couple of weeks ago: it was a girl wearing striped-sweater in white and navy and she had a red neckerchief, well, those two items caught my attention. i was inspired to try for i've owned the same pattern of white and navy in stripes, but instead of sweater, mine was t-shirt. i tried to wear the neckerchief as usual, but i didn't find it well-suited. so, then i tried to wear it as a headband--something i'd never worn before, but it turned out well and i liked it.

anyway, could you believe that i took these pictures in the same place as my last week's post? lol. enough talking, enjoy the look, guys!


flame by tinashe (2017)
pictures were captured by: Mardlatilah Nevihayati

t-shirt: bershka
jeans: unbranded
shoes: converse
socks: pierre cardin
neckerchief (worn as headband): yes_sshop
glasses: swagershop

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