everybody knows

8:13 AM

i actually have attempted to take pictures in this parking lot on this post, but now i tried different side of the parking lot to get different picture. and it was mesmerizing how a different angle can make new perspective. (well, i was actually running out of good spot to take pictures, but this one didn't turn out to be a disappointment, did it?) so, anyway, if you had any recommendations regarding good spots around the city, you probably should let me know.

that day i was feeling like dressing up a little preppy and i had this sweater for a little while right now. i opted for the denim shirt because the shirt's color didn't actually clash with the color of the sweater--the denim shirt was a bit washed out. i was looking for something subtle, not items with such loud statement. for the final touch, i decided to roll up the cuffs over the sweater in order to give a slight detail. enough talking, enjoy the look!


everybody knows by john legend (2008)

pictures were captured by: Mardlatilah Nevihayati

denim shirt (worn underneath): unbranded
sweater: hang ten
jeans: unbranded
shoes: converse

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