bad liar

10:09 AM

ever since the bad liar's video was released, i couldn't help but being a big fan of 70s style. it was the era when everything was either floral or tie dye, color blocking was the monochrome, people wore their hair so big, and donna summer was the disco diva. 
i personally loved this ringer t-shirt i was wearing. i don't know, but it gives a very strong 70s vibe: from its color to its font choice. though it's mostly white, but shades of blue and red managed to make the t-shirt more eye-catching. i decided to pair the tee with these (kinda) high-waisted jeans. high-waisted jeans were very big back in the days, so you could opt for that if you wanted to instantly look 70s. also, never forget to tuck your top in for 70s was so preppy and slick. to top it off, gave your sneakers a go. voila!

bad liar by selena gomez (2017)

pictures were taken by: christian murwidiansyah

ringer t-shirt: rown division
jeans: lea
shoes: cotton on
belt: father's
glasses: swagershop

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