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7:51 AM

it seemed that my infatuation towards oversized items neither came to an end nor would come to an end anytime soon. i had just found this cute piece of sweater in navy blue inside my mother's wardrobe. as usual, i decided to keep it for myself; right after i told her that i wanted to, of course. i remembered having this pair of navy blue pants, so i knew that my mom's sweater would go along with the pants. and yes, the ensemble looked very well-matched.

the main rule of oversized sweater--based on my viewpoint, at least, is that you can either easily combine it with fitted/ripped jeans to create cute/tumblr esque/a very strong vibe of troye sivan or if you're not a fan of form-fitting pants, opt for a pair of straight-legged pants. but, take note that it is essential to choose the ones that go right above the ankle to keep the whole ensemble clean and sophisticated. enough talking. enjoy the look, guys!

i truly adore the pattern as well as the color of this pair of socks; though i kind of had the feeling that it was a bit tricky at first. but, i believe that such pattern and color are made to stand out; hence, i opt for one palette of color--in this case, navy blue for the clothing items. that way, the socks get even more noticeable. the color choice for shoes is very important, too. i opt for white sneakers due to their versatility when it comes to being combined with colors. grab your pair of socks now at socking.id

write on me by fifth harmony (2016)
pictures were taken by: Mardlatilah Nevihayati

sweater: unbranded
pants: unbranded
glasses: swagershop
socks: socking.id
shoes: cotton on

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  1. Replies
    1. and the fact that it's fluffy makes it more ughhhhhh! lol

  2. Replies
    1. i know! haha i really love the color combination <33

  3. I love being at parking lot a lot.
    Stunning with that oversized sweater vik.
    maaf ya baru sempat berkunjung kunjung lagi...