8:28 AM

i used to be a big fan of shorts when i was a child. they are comfortable and you can easily move when you are wearing them. however, it has been a long time since i wore shorts. well, one of the reasons was i couldn't wear those in college. this pair i was wearing was actually a pair of regular skinny jeans, but somehow i got bored of it. i decided to cut them off and turned the pair into denim shorts. i also cut a few holes for details. i was really happy with the result!

plaid shirt and dark-colored t-shirt helped creating grunge-y vibe to the ensemble; not to mention, the cap which elevated the look to the whole new level.

pictures were taken by: mardlatilah nevihayati

black t-shirt: unbranded
plaid shirt: unbranded
denim shorts: unbranded (diy project)
shoes: converse
cap: polo ralph lauren
glasses: swagershop

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