9:54 AM

since it's june, i bet you know what that means. i would like to celebrate it with all of you guys out there. i know, i didn't opt for something colorful and wear my hearts on my sleeve. i prefer wearing black and earth tones and wearing my heart on my pocket; and actually, there's more to it than what's on my pocket. i am a believer that what you can and can't do as a person in terms of gender is just socially constructed. it's up to us whether we want to conform to the constructed values or set ourselves free and be whoever we want. despite everything, i want to let you all know that you are valid, you are beautiful, and never let the world tell you otherwise. anyway, enjoy the look!

pictures were taken by: era mardhika

shirt: unbranded (diy projects)
pants: unbranded
shoes: converse
belt: father's
glasses: swagershop

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