i feel it coming

8:52 AM

final week is over--thank god! being in junior year of college is didn't make final week any easier. i actually had to write 5 papers and take 2 in-class tests--ugh. now that it's over, i could feel the three-month break coming and i couldn't get anymore excited. so anyway, lately i've been making several attempts in order to mix this white shirt which is kinda formal and tried to make an informal ensemble. a pair of ripped jeans is actually the savior, though; and to make the whole ensemble a little more laid-back, i put on slip-on shoes. plus, i just cut my hair. enjoy!

anyway, you guys, the resort/cruise fashion show is starting. do you want me to make a report on that--the best look, the trends, etc? let me know, xoxo.


white button-down shirt: unbranded
ripped jeans: diy project
denim jacket: unbranded (diy project)
shoes: wakai
glasses: swagershop

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