8:56 AM

i was scrolling down the timeline of my instagram a few weeks ago when I came across this picture and I immediately asked her where she took the photo. As she said that it was in the campus, so I asked her if she wanted to help taking the pictures and she said yes. it didn't cross my mind that the place would be very nice to capture. though it was very hot that day and i wore black on black on black, but i couldn't happier with how the pictures turned out to be.

i've seen this neckerchief trend everywhere and for quite long time i hold myself back not to try because i'm not big on accessories. however, it keeps bugging my mind and the little voice inside my head keeps telling me to try every time i see pictures to someone wearing neckerchief. well, here i am now: wearing neckerchief and i have to say that it really takes the whole ensemble to another level. i like it!

heaven by troye sivan ft. betty who (2016)

pictures were taken by: mardlatilah nevihayati

t-shirt: unbranded
pants: unbranded
neckerchief: yes_sshop
belt: father's
bracelet: a gift from era mardhika
sunglasses: unbranded
shoes: converse

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