take me there

8:12 AM

if i have to recall my memory about the first time i fell so in love with fashion, i guess the answer is back in my childhood days. i was born clingy and growing up i got so attached to my oldest sister, so wherever she was, i wanted to be with her. at that time circa early 2000s, she was majoring fashion design and i was only 5 or 6. i remember she always brought home her many sketches from class. fascinated by them, i couldn't stop myself from looking and the first attempt that i did was trying to make my own sketch. let's just say that it did not end up well because my drawing skill sucks. since then, i kind of forgot about my interest in fashion until i bought my very first fashion magazine: may 2009 edition of gogirl! with lady gaga on the cover. my life has never been the same ever since; i'd rather buy magazines than spend my money for lunch at school. this addiction has resulted in me having three big boxes full of my magazine collections. i couldn't be happier about that, actually.

i've had this pair of jeans since my 9th grade, but then i decided to cut the hem because i got bored with how they look. at first, i kind of regret doing that because it didn't turn out to be how i wanted. however, after several times of washing, the frayed effect began to appear giving a bit of edgy vibe and that was how i wanted them to be. again, after wearing them a lot of times, i felt like i needed to change this pair of jeans. i wasn't quite sure how until i came across pictures on pinterest or tumblr; then, i decided to make a hole on each part. i actually didn't come up with the plan to write "choke me!" in the first place, but i guess it'd nice to write something a bit provocative on them. so, i put my sharpie on and voila!

take me there by blackstreet ft. mya (1998)
pictures were taken by: era mardhika

sweater: uniqlo
"choke me!" ripped jeans: levi's--diy project
shoes: converse
cap: polo
glasses: swager shop

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