8:16 AM

being broke and hungry at the same time was not a very complementing couple. well, a few days ago, i was in the state of starvation and not having any penny. i was with my best friend, garnis, actually. this led us to visiting our high school (yep, we happened to go to the same high school) which sells big portion of food for small amount of price. while passing the volleyball court, i couldn't help myself but being amazed because when i was there, let's just say that it wasn't as nice as it is today; even they painted the volleyball court. it was actually garnis' idea to take pictures in the volleyball court. i wasn't quite sure, yet i gave it a try. it turned out to be very cool and it made my printed t-shirt stand out. enjoy!

this shirt is a birthday present by Defa, Lila & Lusi. thank you so much. i love you.

pictures were taken by: garnis ypnp

t-shirt: ada man
jeans: unbranded
shoes: converse
bracelet: made by era mardhika (thanks!)

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