i try

8:55 AM

i had never been an actual fan of pants other than jeans until that day i got bored of wearing fitted clothing and i needed something loose. that moment led into me diving my whole closet and eventually found these black pants. i wasn't quite sure if i wanted to wear them, since i didn't think that it'd look good. i kept on staring myself in the mirror for too long it started to crack. after several pictures were found under "how to style black pants for men", i decided to risk my day by wearing the pants. "it's all about trial and error, right?" i defended myself. i kept doubting the pants 'til i looked at all the pictures taken. the thing that i least expected is the fact that the whole ensemble would bring such classic vibe to it.

it's a bit risky on picking what i should match the pants with because the pants give preppy, formal look. i wasn't planning on putting on the shirt beforehand, but then i evaluate my look and yeah, it's boring. that's why i opt for the shirt to layer. since i wasn't sure whether to tuck in the shirt or not, i did both. tell me which one do you prefer? the shirt being tucked in or nah?

i try by macy gray (2000)
pictures were taken by: era mardhika

shirt worn over the t-shirt: carloff
white t-shirt: unbranded
black pants: unbranded
belt: father's
glasses: swagershop
shoes: converse

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