8:18 AM

after several days of planning on watching the live-action version of beauty and the beast, my best friend and i finally went to the movie on that day. it was so beautiful and very touching--in my personal opinion. i cried while watching the animated version, so it was no difference to the live-action one. call me a cry baby, i couldn't care less about that cause it's really good. anyway, since i knew that we were going to do a little photo shoot afterwards, i got a little dressier than usual. and i knew what i would wear because i had been wanting to wear these whole ensembles for a very long time. i'd been doing several attempts in order to wear these, but i decided not to because the shirt is a little eccentric in terms of the pattern, but that time i didn't care. i wanted to wear these, so i would wear these.

about the shirt, i've had this back to my sophomore year of high school. i rarely wear this due to the fact that the shirt has so many colors on it, so it's rather hard to find what color of pants i should match the shirt with. i guess that was no longer an issue since i had found my white pants. i tried to put them on with the shirt, as well, and voila! it turned out to be amazing. the shirt was still the center of the attention, yet at the same time the white pants (kind of) toned it down, so that the whole look didn't look so loud. i enjoy keeping it simple.


how exquisite!

guilty by barbra streisand & barry gibb (1980)
pictures were taken by: garnis ypnp

printed button-down shirt: unbranded
white pants: unbranded
shoes: converse

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