wishing i was there

7:51 AM

it was such a burning hot day that day and i decided to wear black because i thought that it would be cloudy--i didn't know why i believed my instinct that much haha; so, while taking the pictures, i was actually trying to either avoid to sunlight or not make myself so sweaty. but, overall i really am happy with how the pictures turn out to be because the whole outfit matches with the graffiti on the background. in addition, the black shirt (kind of) gives a bit of grunge-y vibe to the whole look.

about the ripped jeans, it was actually kind of failure in the first place because my intention is to bleach the color. but, as this pair of jeans are a little too old--i've had it since i was in 7th or 8th grade, i guess, and the material is not very thick, so when i was about to wash the jeans manually after bleaching them, i accidentally ripped them--the part on the left knee if i'm not mistaken. ripped jeans were not so much in trend back then, that's why i decided to keep them until i was like in 12th grade circa 2013 - 2014. ripped jeans were kind of back in trend, so without thinking twice i took out them out and also added more holes on them.

wishing i was there by natalie imbruglia (1998)

pictures were taken by: garnis ypnp

black shirt: uniqlo
ripped baby blue jeans: diy project
shoes: converse

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