i melt with you

8:10 AM

i didn't know what was going on inside my head that day that i decided to go preppy; i guessed i'd seen one too many inspirations on how to dress preppy on the internet. yet, one thing i knew for sure is that i wanted to wear the shirt--one with "not cute just psycho" hand-stitched on the pocket. i've seen that statement shirt everywhere--insta, tumblr, pinterest, and i really wanted to have one. i dove into my closet and found this baby blue shirt. it took a quite long time to hand-stitch the letter one-by-one, but i was so happy once it's done because it's exactly like i wanted.

regarding the place, it's really nice. i really adore the minimalist concept as it kinda makes the place a lot classier. the combination between wood material and  ceramic tiles makes the place look clean. the color choices of the place is also not too much, mostly nude colors and dark blue. i really endorse for you to visit this place as you are not only able to hang out with your friends here, but also work on your assignments, or just enjoy the meal. all in all, i personally think that this place is worth trying and visiting. well, one thing for sure though, the place is instagram-worthy.

me in a nutshell

i melt with you by modern english (1982)
photos were taken by: garnis ypnp

"not cute just psycho" shirt: diy
pants: unbranded
shoes: wakai

ps. just want to share about the food; so, i ordered classic chicken burger (delicious!) and a glass of coke--i don't know but i've always had this thought that burger is meant to be with a glass of coke. they also gave potato chips to our table while we were waiting for the meal. me, personally, it is 9/10.
pps.  excuse the low-resolution picture. i took it using my phone.

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