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7:08 AM

the first time i saw that printed shirt inside the closet of my father i knew i was going to keep it. i knew my father wouldn't mind since it was not my first time stealing his shirt--or jacket, or beanie hat, or parka haha. i pretty much got my clothing supply from my father's due to the fashion cycle that will always bring back the trend from the past. when i ask him regarding the time he got the shirt, my father said that it was back during the late 80s or early 90s and it was very cool back then. well, it is cool now too--at least, in my opinion.

actually i was just going to wear the shirt with the classic blue jeans; but, then i looked at myself in the mirror and it was just like--meh, plain boring. so i spent about 15 minutes thinking about what i could do to put my look to another level, that was when i came up with the idea of wearing a white shirt underneath the shirt. i decided to tuck them in as i wanted to give more of a preppy vibe within the look.

surprise! yeah, i just chopped my hair. i've been wanting to cut my hair because i was bored with the last one and i was having a hard time styling my hair. i wasn't sure of what kind of haircut i wanted in the first place until i saw this picture posted by brandon myers. i asked my friends whether the haircut would suit me well or not, they said yes. moreover, i have a fivehead so i guessed the haircut would help my forehead to not look so large.

pictures were taken by: era mardhika

shirt: vintage (my father's)
t-shirt: unbranded
jeans: unbranded
belt: my father's
shoes: converse

ps. fivehead (noun): the bit of your head that's normally called the forehead, but when it's so big it can fit five fingers on it instead of four. (buzzfeed)

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  1. Cool look and I really like the shirt!

    Dejan -

    1. thank you so much, Dejan. i am happy that other people like the shirt as well. cheers!

  2. Great post! Jon

    1. thank you, Jon. that is very nice of you. xoxo