bubblegum bitch

9:46 AM

i once read a quotes by stella hudgens; she said, "i like to look at my personal style as an extension of my mood that day." i guess she gave such precise representation of my personal style, as well. that day i woke up and felt like dressing up as if it were 90s, so i just followed my instinct and dress myself the way my mood wanted. i like to think that dressing up based on my mood kind of help boosting up my mood and cheering up my day, especially when what i put on turn out to be just like how i've imagined.

all along it's on my wishlist to have a photograph of myself blowing bubblegum--i don't know, i just thought that it's really cool, since i thought that it matched with the whole 90s vibe, so i asked my friend to take pictures of me blowing bubblegum. let's just say that it turned out to be not easy and i was having a hard time hahaha.

it was very hot that day to wear a sweater, but i guess to look good there's got a price to pay, right? believe me, my body and my soul were burned down inside that sweater, but i couldn't care less.

pictures were taken by: era mardhika

pink sweater: unbranded
denim overall: unbranded
shoes: converse

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