we don't talk anymore

12:29 PM

this might sound like a major bullshit until you eventually get to feel it yourself; but, it feels absolutely amazing not having to be attached to other people. i used to keep rejecting the notion as all along i'd always been trying to get myself to be with someone, until one exact moment in my life i got struck so hard that i realized, "well, okay, this is not right and i need to stop doing this." i actually had got many clues back then, but i didn't really care. well, what could you expect from one who was falling head over heels, right? it was a little "surprising" at first to wake up in the morning and the first thing coming to my mind is, "is this really the end? just like that?" it didn't really take so many sleepless nights, though, but still. one thing that i can a lesson from this is that time heals. 

anyway, i've always been a fan of patches ever since the day they made a comeback. patches sort of scream "i'm a rebel with a hint of cuteness." and thank god for the invention of iron-on patches because they're super easy and all the tumblresque designs are so cute i want to put them all on my jeans. one thing that will always be my fashion rule is that when it comes to dress up, there should be one attention-stealer. two are too much, one is perfect. that is why i decided to put on my white shirt in order to tone down and at the same time i put the patched jeans under the spotlight.

pictures were taken by: garnis ypnp

white t-shirt: unbranded
patched jeans: diy project
shoes: converse

p.s. i overdosed. should've known your love was a game.

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