this is what you came for

8:39 AM

been obsessing over this song since last year. one thing that really caught my attention was the album art which is very simple yet completely cool. "i wanna have that jacket" that's what i kept telling myself; so, i try to look it up online for the jacket, but the result is nothing. i came up with another option: do a diy. i tried to find the bomber jacket and i would customize the patch. i told my mom about how much i wanted to have the jacket, but then she said that my father had that with the same color. i couldn't be more excited at that very moment that i asked her immediately to find the jacket. 

once i got the jacket, i immediately ordered the patch. well, i actually sent him the picture of the album art and i told him, as well, that i wanted to make it bigger cause the ones available were only about 2 inches and i wanted it for about 17 inches. it took for about a week--not too long, in my opinion, especially for something that's particularly made for you. the most important thing is that it's affordable. i was very happy when the patch arrived because i'd been wanting to put it on the jacket; since i couldn't wait any longer, i decided to hand-sew it down myself. i am proud of the result, it is sooooooooooooooooo awesome.

this is what you came for by calvin harris ft. rihanna (2016)
pictures were taken by: era mardhika

shirt: unbranded
jeans: unbranded
bomber jacket: father's // patch: custom made here
socks: pierre cardin
shoes: converse

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