8:16 PM

i might sound super know-it-all, but i guess one thing people tend to forget is to breathe. no, i am not talking about respiration; i am talking about us being so uptight about having to achieve something in our lives. life is a competition--that is true, yet once in a while we need to feel content. sometimes we have to press the pause button and be grateful for everything we have in our lives--family, friends, everyone.

i've been falling head over heels with black ensemble. besides the fact that black makes one look slimmer, you'll never go wrong with black. i was actually about to go without the beanie hat, but then when I went to my parents room, i saw my father's beanie there; so, i took it and i tried it on. it looked good and also kinda elevated and changed the look from the boy-next-door to a bit rebellious.

picture were taken by: era mardhika

shirt: unbranded
jeans: unbranded
socks: pierre cardin
shoes: converse
beanie hat: father's

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