blue jeans

8:53 AM

white shirt and blue jeans are two versatile items that were meant to make a statement. i mean, they're good to be worn on their own, but when you put them both altogether--classic. the formality of white shirt is kinda toned down by the laid-back mood of blue jeans. you do not need to accessorize too much since what you wear is actually a classic statement; i think just add bracelet and put the belt on--you're good to go. one more thing, since I wear glasses on my daily basis--and if you do too, they can be another option to kinda put your classic statement on to another level. just don't be afraid of experimenting--it's all about trial and error.

i, personally, do not like to wear accessories--bracelet or watch, to be exact, because i'm a fucking reckless person. i remember one time my mom bought a new watch back when i was in high school and it only took a week for the watch to be gone--i couldn't actually recall the memory, i guessed i left it in my school's toilet or something. anyway, the bracelet i wore was bought when i went to Bali earlier last year. i forgot where i put it and then right before i went to take pictures, i found it under the pile of my books, so i just put it and it looked great. 

pictures were taken by: era mardhika

shirt: unbranded
jeans: unbranded
shoes: wakai
belt: father's
bracelet: bought in Bali
glasses: swagershop

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