8:07 AM

hey! thank god i can eventually publish my first post here. i've been thinking about coming back to the blogging scene ever since the beginning of the 2016--i used to have a blog back in my high school days, but I took it down due to my infrequent updates. So, yeah, here i am right now coming back and hopefully making more frequent updates here--i'll try my best.

i am guessing that you will probably think that it's a cliché for me to idolize divas, namely mariah carey. if you do know me, i think you know what i'm talking about. yet, i have no shame to admit that i do love divas, mariah carey to be exact. i remember my sister--back in her high school years, brought home a cassette tape of rainbow. the moment she played the tape was the exact moment i knew that i was in love with her--i still am. and to name one song i've been obsessing over and over is faded from her 2014 album. i think the idea of the song is actually simple--having someone, yet the person is never around when needed. but, it's so relatable because i guess it happens to everyone or, at least, most people. i just think it sucks to know that you can't rely on a person you think you can rely at times you need the person the most. well, anyway, try listen to the song and let me know what you think.

these pictures were taken in coban talun. as a person who is not really keen on going to the nature, i can say that the place is beautiful and the important thing is that it's accessible--it's not like in a remote area or something. the only thing that took much more time rather than going to the destination was actually choosing what i was going to wear. i had no idea what i should wear there; so, yes, i did some research on instagram and i decided to wear a flannel shirt because it's a little cold there. i usually wore the shirt without tucking it in; but, when i looked at myself in the mirror, i noticed that the pants had a little preppy vibe, so i tried to tuck the shirt in and it looked good. then, i realized that i just bought a cream fedora hat, so i tried it on and yes, i got the preppy look that i was going for.

pictures were taken by: Garnis YPNP

flannel shirt: unbranded
pants: unbranded
hat: adolezente
shoes: wakai

anyway, happy new year--i know that it's like almost february already, but i don't care.

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